Developed by: Kinsella, E.A., Bossers, A., Ferguson, K., Jenkins, K., Bezzina, M.B., MacPhail, A., Moosa, T., Schurr, S., Whitehead J., & Hobson, S. (2nd ed.)
WELCOME TO THE PRECEPTOR EDUCATION PROGRAM (PEP) for Health Professionals and Students!
The Preceptor Education Program is an online interprofessional program that consists of nine interactive learning modules. Once you complete the short registration process you will instantly receive your login information, so that you can access the PEP program anytime, anywhere. Each module takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. The modules include downloadable resources, learning exercises, video case scenarios and references. Learning is self-directed in that you can complete the modules on your own, and they do not need to be completed in any particular order. Many of the modules are designed so that preceptors and students can work through them together. After completing a reflective note, a certificate can be printed at the end of each module to record the education completed.
The learning modules will help you to:
  • Learn about your role and what will be expected of you in professional practice
  • Develop concise learning objectives and learn how to optimize your learning
  • Prepare for both receiving and giving feedback and learn how to capitalize on the formal evaluation process
  • Develop your capacities to learn from experience and to engage in clinical reasoning and reflective practice
  • Learn assertive communication and how to manage conflicts within professional relationships
  • Learn how to prepare a resume, letter of introduction and professional portfolio
  • Learn about peer coaching as a model of professional development
The benefits of the program to you:
  • Prepare for your role as preceptor and discover tips on how to plan ahead and prepare an engaging orientation for your student
  • Discover ready-to-go learning activities and exercises that you and your student can complete together that will optimize the professional practice experience
  • Develop learning objectives for yourself and with your students
  • Foster clinical reasoning, reflective practice and engage in peer coaching
  • Learn how to provide effective ongoing feedback, manage conflicts, as well as prepare for and facilitate the formal evaluation process
  • Save and modify documents and templates to suit your own needs
Please spread the word that PEP (www.preceptor.ca) has been revised so that others can log on and discover the new and improved program!