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Second Edition

The Preceptor Education Program development team came together in 2006 to create the first edition of the program. The team included: Ann Bossers (Occupational Therapy, Western), Mary Beth Bezzina (Project Coordinator), Sandra Hobson (Occupational Therapy, Western), Elizabeth Anne Kinsella (Occupational Therapy, Western), Ann MacPhail (Physical Therapy, Western), Susan Schurr (Communication Sciences and Disorders, Western), Taslim Moosa (Communication Sciences and Disorders, Western), Karen Ferguson (Nursing), Sandy DeLuca (Fanshawe Nursing), Jennifer Macnab (epidemiologist/statistical advisor) and Karen Jenkins (PHN, Middlesex-London Health Unit). A support member to the team was Lynda Rolleman (work study student). In addition, Dr. Richard Ladyshewsky, (Curtain University, Australia), joined the team as an international expert to design a special guest module on the topic of peer coaching. IT support was provided by Eva Placko, Angela Vandenbogaard and Jane Winkler (Western).

Over the years, the team has undergone some changes, however, remains committed to ensuring the program remains relevant and useful to support students and preceptors in health professions programs as they work together to provide learning environments that will prepare students for the real world of professional practice.

First Edition

The second edition of the PEP program development team included: Elizabeth Anne Kinsella (Occupational Therapy, Western), Ann Bossers (Occupational Therapy, Western), Karen Ferguson (Nursing, Western), Karen Jenkins (Nursing, Fanshawe College), Mary Beth Bezzina (Occupational Therapy, Western), Ann MacPhail (Physical Therapy, Western), Taslim Moosa (Communication Sciences and Disorders, Western), Susan Schurr (Communication Sciences and Disorders, Western) and Julie Whitehead (Instructional Design, Faculty of Health Sciences, Western).

Mary Beth Bezzina served as coordinator of the second edition and led the implementation of the pilot test. Many of the learning quizzes, learning objects, navigation, and design elements have been developed by Julie Whitehead.

The team is grateful to Kim Holland (Evaluation Consultant, Western) who conducted an independent evaluation of the first and second edition of PEP, and who lead the design and analysis of the pilot test evaluation for the new modules.

Thanks to Dr. Richard Ladyshewsky who was our expert contributor in the Peer Coaching module.

Work Study students Victor Wu and Mohamed Moselhy also made valuable contributions in supporting technological updates to the online program.

The team hired CPIPE Productions to create animated and voice over videos.

The team is deeply appreciative of the generous insights of students and preceptors who pilot tested the second edition. We offer these revised and newly developed resources to our colleagues and students in the hope that they contribute to a positive learning experience.