Preceptor Education Program (PEP)

The Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Western Ontario, a project funded by The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Developed by: Bossers, A., Bezzina, M.B., Hobson, S., Kinsella, A., MacPhail, A., Schurr, S., Moosa, T., Rolleman, L., Ferguson, K., DeLuca, S., Macnab, J. & Jenkins, K.

Forgot My PEP Password

This only applies if you have created a new OWL account for PEP from the PEP Gateway page.

  1. Go to the PEP Gateway page
  2. Click on "Reset Password" at the left
  3. Enter your email address and click the "Request Password Change" button
  4. A link will be sent to the email address. Follow the link to change your password.

NOTE: If you are using your Western user ID and password you need to use Western's Identity Manager to change your password. See